My owners trust, above all, that anyone choosing to enjoy our hospitality should find a place to relax and unwind, surrounded by the comforts of home.

Each bedroom is equipped with details to help assure the traveler’s total comfort:
•Air conditioning in every bedroom and throughout all communal areas.
•High pressure hot and cold water assured thanks to special water tanks and pressure maintenance systems.
•Internet access via modern WI-FI connection, enabling travelers to connect to the internet, not only from their bedrooms, but from any part of the hotel, without the need for wires.
•Potable laptop computer available exclusively for clients’ use.
•A state-of-the-art communications infrastructure that will make every future technological innovation available without compromising in any way the hotel’s unique charm.
•Complete range of the highest quality toiletries and bathroom accessories.
•High quality cotton bed linen from the prestigios Resuinsa house.
•Beds equipped with the highest quality spring mattresses and latex pillows assuring a deep and effective sleep.
•Water heater for tea, instant coffee or herbal infusions.
And of course, the convenience of being able to ask for whatever the client may wish. Always in your hands, my owners will be delighted to assist in every possible way.

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