Today I am the property of Amparo and Ramón, two young admirers of tradition and finely executed work along with art and modern comforts, determined to return me to my former splendor and to share it with anyone who should choose to spend a few days in one of my seductively comfortable rooms.
Amparo and Ramón acquired me in 2003 and undertook a complex restoration project respecting my original structure whilst bringing to light some previously hidden elements, such as the alijbe (Moorish water fountain), the well and the columns of the former patio, and painstakingly restoring the aged wooden ceilings and floors.

The result is a delightfully unique lodging that allows me to offer my visitors six different bedrooms, each fitted with every modern convenience and thoughtfully planned communal areas with relaxation, tranquility and enjoyment in mind.

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Villanueva de los Infantes
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