Only 30 km from Villanueva de los Infantes are the Lagunas de Ruidera (Ruidera Lagoons), declared a Natural Park on 13 July 1974. This unique natural phenomena is well worth a visit to see close up an unparalleled area of natural beauty in the form of evocatively named lagoons, such as the Laguna Blanca, (white lagoon) that owes its name to the colour of its bottom, the Laguna Conceja, (Council Lagoon), so named since it belonged to the Council of la Ossa de Montiel, the Laguna Tomilla, (thyme lagoon) surrounded by thyme plants, the Laguna Tinaja, (tub lagoon), so named as a result of its close resemblance to a large jar or bathtub, the Laguna Lengua, (tongue lake) one of the most strikingly beautiful of all or the Laguna Colgada, (hanging lake) the largest lake with a length of 2.400 m.
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Villanueva de los Infantes
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